Serca Fence Strainer


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Key Benefits of the Serca Fence Strainer are:

  • Simpler to use, with the chain permanently connected to the straining mechanism reducing the connections required during the straining process from 3 to 1.
  • Quicker straining process, with an estimated time saving of over 50% of the time taken to strain a fence
  • Safer – The Serca Wire Strainer uses gears to create a mechanical advantage, reducing the forces required to be exerted by the user when straining a fence by approximately 50%, and mitigating the need to use a lever that has the ability to spring back and injure the user.
  • Lighter fabrication (approx. 50%), smaller unit with greater versatility, which is able to be stored in the glove compartment in a vehicle, in a tool box on a motorbike or in an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).
  • More mobile/smaller unit, reducing the size of components to the required size (i.e. rather than using a 2T chain for straining when the wire’s tensile strength is a fraction of this capacity.
  • Versatile – The Serca Wire Strainer is able to be quickly and easily modified and used as a tie-down chain, or a light duty winch.   
  • In-built tension meter, allowing the user to strain fences to the correct tension easily and consistently, without the hassle of carrying around an additional tool.


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